Elle’s Star Mince Pies (reblog)

Hello all, this is a reblog of my mince pie recipe. Can you believe it’s December already? Today I will be spending the day preparing simple, last minute food gifts for loved ones. Yes you still have time to make some foodie gifts, which are useful, tasty and economical. Enjoy! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more Christmas treats 🙂


Busy Elle Bee

Apparently it’s Christmas next week. 🙂 So here is my 2nd batch of mince pies made in preparation for the great event.

Please forgive my bashed up old mince pie tray. It does have a long family history, but lets face it, it has seen better days. However, it is still in good working order, so what if it is little battered, it produces great mince pies 🙂

This batch of mince pies differs from the first batch, as I wanted an excuse to use my new star cutter. I also wanted to test out my mincemeat mix, which I made last week – here’s the link to the recipe.

I also used shortcrust pastry.  The first batch were made of puff pastry. I think I like these ones best, as you can see the mincemeat and even though I love pastry, I think the star ingredient of mince pies, should…

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5 thoughts on “Elle’s Star Mince Pies (reblog)

  1. Reblogged this on Busy Elle Bee and commented:

    Recipes for Christmas: Elle’s Star Mince Pies. This is a reblog of my mince pie recipe. You can of course use shop brought pastry and mince meat for ease and speed as I have done in this recipe. If you do, consider making them now and freeze ahead for Christmas. Try presenting them in novel ways, such as using a star biscuit cutter for the pie lids, and dust with icing sugar. If you make and freeze them now, it’s one less job to do for the big day. A dozen of these would make a fabulous gift too 🙂

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