The £10 D&G Chilli and Flower Inspired Dress


The new year has arrived, and like many, I have made my resolutions, one of them is to make and wear dresses.  So far I have made this outfit:

D&G inspired chilli pepper outfit

Not bad for a tenner. What do you think?

Last year, I purchased 2 skirts from a sale.  Each skirt cost £5 each!  I brought one skirt to fit, and the other was the biggest size they had available, the reason being to get as much fabric as possible. The skirts also came with coordinating belts.

The top was cut out of the larger skirt, using the free sorbetto pattern top from Colette Patterns. I omitted the pleat embellishment, as I wanted a simple, unfussy look.  I hope to make a matching scarf or head band with the left over fabric scraps.  The entire outfit was put together in less than a day.

With having 2 separate pieces, the outfit should prove to be very versatile. I can wear the top with jeans, or another skirt in a plain colour. Or I can wear the skirt with a plain top. I based the look on the famous D&G dress with the original price of just over $1,000.



It just goes to show, you can create a great outfit, without breaking the bank.  Have you come across any sales bargains recently? What do you think about the original dress? Do you think it is too expensive or not expensive enough? What are your sewing and design plans for 2013?

Thanks for reading, see you soon 🙂



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2 thoughts on “The £10 D&G Chilli and Flower Inspired Dress

  1. That dress is so very cute and clever!! I love that you can wear it together or separately. As for my sewing plans ~ I just plan to sew a lot in 2013 – possibly more skirts and tops.

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