Sales finds and crafty makes


I, like the majority of the Western world it seems, have been pounding the streets for sales bargains. I have managed to secure a few items which will have plenty of use, and others which will hopefully come in useful, eventually.  The latter being short code for, “it will probably stay in the back of the cupboard for years, until I feel guilty enough to do something about it”.

One of the bargains includes a black beret, an item I have been after for ages.  I have already worn the hat twice, and so I can see by the end of the month I will be quite bored of it, which means loads of crafting opportunities. Here are a couple of ideas;

DSC_0061 copy

1) Flower ruffle brooch

Flower ruffle

2) Bow brooch

Beret with ribbon bow

Do you have any ideas to dress up a beret? More sales finds and makes soon.

Thanks, and see you soon 🙂



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