Valentine’s Day – Affordable gift ideas


OK so there is no chance you can afford the weekend trip to Paris or Venice. Tiffany’s ice collection is way out of your pocket’s league, and the box of Milk Tray is so old hat, your grand parents think it’s old fashioned. So what to do for the sweetie in your life, when even the moths have left your wallet?

Answer – Buy some sweets – Love hearts to be exact!

Love Bug heart sweet Valentine's Day Candy

Buy 2 or 3 packets from your local sweet shop, open them, select the sweets with the most heart felt and meaningful sayings and place them in a clean food mesh bag or a clean box lined with tissue paper, and decorate with a ribbon. Simple, but effective and it shows some thought went into the effort.

You can also try your hand at making some chocolates. Don’t worry, it isn’t hard to do. Pop over to your local pound shop, and purchase a silicone mould. If you can get some heart shaped ones, all the better. Then buy some good quality chocolate, melt it in a bain marie (you can use a microwave, but be careful as it’s easy to burn the chocolate), and then pour the melted chocolate into the moulds.  Set aside to harden. Then remove the chocolate from the mould and place in a bag or box and tie with ribbon.  You can experiment with white, milk and dark chocolate to create pretty effects.  You can even add chopped nuts or dried fruit. Chopped up dried cherries are great.  You can even get different flavoured chocolate such as orange, vanilla, mint … check out your super market.


Chocolate bark is also an easy gift to make – again just melt some chocolate and pour it onto a baking sheet or shallow dish. Before the chocolate sets, add some chopped nuts, dried fruit or even some chopped up boiled sweets and set aside to completely set.  When it has set, break into pieces, and add to a decorative box.

White chocolate candy cane bark

A lovely gift would be to purchase small or medium sized noted book, either get a pretty hard back cover book or a cover one with some nice wrapping paper. Then hand write your other half’s favourite poetry inside. Maybe even pen a few love tokens yourself. Add a pink or red ribbon to use as a book maker, and a nice decorative pen to complete the gift.

How about some love cookies? Get yourself a heart shaped cookie cutter and make some biscuits. They would be lovely if presented in a box alongside a nice hot cup of tea.

Baking not your forte? OK does your better half have a key to your home? Then pinch it the day before Valentine’s day and add a brand new heart shaped key ring, with a note saying, “You have the key to my heart”.  I know corny, but heck, if it gets you out of a gift fix, don’t knock it!

Make a photo album of the 2 of you. These days we keep all of our photos on the computer. Instead print some out, say about 20 or so, and either buy a nice inexpensive album and add your photos to it.

How about a scrapbook? – again buy a nice scrap book, and add your photos to it. Also if you have old concert tickets from your previous dates, dinner menus from your favourite restaurant, jot down favourite poems, sayings or quotes etc.

How about some Valentines Jam? Strawberry and Rose – either make your own or cheat and buy a nice pot of strawberry jam and stir in a few drops (just a few drops mind or it will taste horrible) of rose water. Cover the lid with a pretty fabric or paper cover and tie with a bow. Serve breakfast in bed with toast, tea and a lovely spoonful of Valentine’s jam.  More ideas tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Well that’s all for now, if you have some more ideas, please share. No doubt there will be some folks in a real bind so if you can help out, you will help spread the love 🙂

Thanks for reading, see you soon 🙂



Your thoughts and comments are appreciated, please feel free to say hi, and drop a line or 2 :)

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