‘Stars’ by Mark Owen: Single Review

Mark Owen
Mark Owen – Source 2012/2013emiliebailey.com 

After weeks of underground speculation, Mark Owen, of the powerhouse band Take That, has finally released news of his forth coming solo album and tour dates. The intriguingly titled “Art of Doing Nothing”, is scheduled for release on June 10th. Check out the video below for the lead single, ‘Stars’.

I have long held the belief that out of all the 5 members of the Take That, it is Owen who is the best and most gifted writer out of the over-talented collective. Overshadowed by fellow Take That members Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams, Owen has unfairly suffered in wake of their media dominance, along with other TT members Howard Donald and Jason Orange.

Ironically, it took the reformation of Take That  and the ditching of their former manager before fans and music journalists alike realised just want a gifted bunch of chaps TT are. This new found freedom gave Owen scope to showcase his writing prowess with top ten hit,  ‘Up All Night’ and the massive UK number 1 single ‘Shine‘, which became one of TT’s biggest hits to date.


“Up All Night”

So what of his latest solo efforts? Is ‘Stars’ an engaging track with an intelligent, thought provoking lyric accompanied by a beautiful melody? Yes, those boxes all ticked.

This track isn’t just about Mark Owen’s career to date, it IS Mark Owen. At long last, ‘Stars’ could prove to be the moment Owen breaks from the shadows of Williams and Barlow, to become a bright star in his own right.

If there is any justification in the pop world, this single should secure Owen’s first UK number 1, a feat long over due.

Rating 4.5 out of 5




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