Help! – Can you identify this plant?

Name this flower?

This flowering plant has made a welcome appearance in my garden for the past 3 years. However, I don’t recall planting it, and I have not got a clue what it is. Various internet searches have not come up with much, so I’m asking the clever people.

If you know the name of this plant, please could you kindly let me know. For more pictures,  please head over to BEB Extra 🙂

Thanks 🙂


One thought on “Help! – Can you identify this plant?

  1. UPDATE: – Thanks for all the feedback, especially to “yourothermotherhere” and “Garden Walk Garden Talk” 🙂 “Garden Walk Garden Talk” identified the flower as Evening Primrose which is also known as Sundrops. I think both names are lovely. After all this time I can finally put a name to the flower! Thanks everyone for your help, much appreciated 🙂

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