2 questions: what time is it, and what day is it? More goings on Busy Elle Bee

At least I didn’t ask what year it is. 2008, right?

Can you believe it’s nearly November! That’s what happens when you bury your head in work and look up for a quick break, only to find it’s next month! I have been sewing like crazy in order to clear my desk for my next challenge – to complete my assignments for my garden design course.  I have also a backlog of recipes to complete from my summer glut of tomatoes, as well as ice-cream recipes which are absolutely delicious and very easy to make.

As the shops start decorating their stores in readiness for Christmas, I’m also making a start on Christmas food gifts for family and friends. One of my favourite parts of the Christmas celebrations is preparing the food and then gift wrapping them. So I will also be showcasing ideas for presenting food gifts to suit all sorts of budgets.

October has proved to be a very busy and productive month and November is looking like it will follow suit.  So here’s what to look forward to next month from Busy Elle Bee …

  • More on the Little French Jacket Challenge – follow my progress as I attempt to make the ultimate little black jacket.
  • Autumn themed recipes – using up all the Summer harvest produce to make delicious, comforting meals.
  • November sewing challenge – October saw the completion of 2 dresses, 2 skirts and a pair of pyjamas, November could see the completion of a work dress, a novelty print dress and matching coat!
  • More update’s from Elle’s Kitchen, including a revamp of my classic recipes.
  • Continuing expansion of the Busy Elle Bee network.
  • Food Styling and Food Photography tips – Get ready to spruce up your dinner plate.
  • Sewing kit essentials – what to add to your sewing box.

Yes, it’s all go here at the Bee Hive, please stay tuned for more antics from me, Busy Elle Bee!

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