Hand On Heart – Olly Murs Song and Video Review with Editorial Comment

After weeks of speculation and rumours of a Robbie Williams collab, the video for Olly Murs new single ‘Hand on Heart’ was finally released yesterday (4.11.13), and it’s brave, but I’m not utterly convinced that the video works with the song.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the song, that Murs chap can put together some good tunes and some sassy lyrics, and we all know that he practically worships the ground Robbie walks on. So on paper a Robbie style vid married to an Olly song should have a heavenly venue. But I fear he risks the wrath of the Robbie die hard fans because of all the videos Murs could have selected from Williams massive arsenal of hits, Murs chose the iconic Angels video. The one song and video that must not be touched by any other artist on pain of vicious tweets.

I’m reminded of the travesty of Jessica Simpson’s cover of Angels, and for original fans of Take That’s Pray the song and video ripoff by Upside Down. Watch at your own risk.

Jessica Simpson – Angels

Upside Down – Never Found A Love Like This Before

Evidence of my old adage, “If you must do a cover, do it justice or do it better – ruin it, and you can kiss your career good bye”.  Have you heard Jessica’s or Upside Down’s latest singles? No. Hmm, I wonder why?

These videos illustrate just how dangerous it can be to ‘lift’ ideas from iconic music videos.  So why use the Angels video concept for Hand On Heart? Was it Murs’ way to pay his respects to his friend? Was it to remind the public of one of the best music videos of all time? Is it to act as a foil against the virtually porn style videos favoured by Rihanna and Miley? Let’s face it, Murs couldn’t be more clothed.

There are many ways to pay homage to music icons, I personally liked how The Wanted’s ‘Walks like Rihanna’ video was cleverly put together with more than a touch of humour. As much as I liked Williams’ cameo, the video just felt to me as a high quality facsimile of the original, which detracted the merits of the song. Hopefully Williams’ seal of approval will prevent any backlash, but I would still question why watch the facsimile when you can have the superior original. Williams’ version is that much more cooler, sharper, classier than Murs’, despite the advantages of new technology and possibly a bigger budget. Hand On Heart, is a good song, but I doubt it will reach the iconic status of Angels.

Hand on your Heart rating:

Song: 3.5 out of 5 – Nice track, brought down by the video.

Video: 2.5 out of 5 – As a copy it’s not bad, but it’s still a copy.


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