Why is James Blunt so unpopular? Editorial comment by Busy Elle Bee

Ever since I saw James Blunt live a few years ago, I have asked myself why is this man so unpopular, when he has all the positive attributes of a dazzlingly pop star?

Answer: Because he is good!

OK, I will explain further, otherwise this will be shortest article ever!

James Blunt, born James Hillier Blount 22nd February 1974, is an English singer-songwritermusician , an old boy of the world famous Harrow School and a former British army captain. He has enjoyed phenomenal chart success, and is arguably one of the most successful British male singer songwriter of all time, 2nd only to Robbie Williams (who incidentally was born only 9 days before Blunt). To be fair to Blunt, Williams had a bit of a head start when he joined Take That in 1990, before achieving even greater success as a solo artist.

Blunt rose to prominence in 2005 with the release of his debut studio album Back to Bedlam, before achieving worldwide fame with the singles You’re Beautiful and Goodbye My Lover. Top songs in my book, and unlike many artists, he has not only sustained his career nationally, but internationally.

Yet to read some of the lesser quality end popular press and surprising some broad sheets, you would be forgiven for thinking that he is the worse entity since that horrible chap who decide inventing tax would be a good idea.

Blunt has recently embraced twitter and has proved that the snide comments have not dented his spirits. After all we can all critise, but how many of us have the talent, or even the guts to walk onto a stage, with mike in one hand and guitar in the other to entertain an arena full of music fans.

Wisemen – James Blunt

As far as I’m aware, Blunt has not broken any laws, unlike a certain British female ‘singer’ who was convicted of assault and shockingly cleared of racially aggravated assault. (Name withheld, because I don’t want her to have any more publicity) Often referred to in the press as a national treasure, it is difficult to understand how she, who in my option can’t sing for toffee, and was only ‘discovered’ on a long since distinct talent show, can garner so much public affection, yet Blunt, who has seen active service as a solider, worked the long path in the music industry, is in the ‘bad books’ of Joe Public. It’s good to love a rouge, but a criminal verses a loyal patriotic, ex-serviceman, what am I missing here? He’s well educated, can write excellent songs, and can actually play musical instruments, a rarity in today’s pop charts filled with copy cat boy bands, all with ridiculous hair styles, awful dress sense each more dire than the last. I respectful exclude The Wanted from that list, cause they are the exception to the rule. Oh and of course Take That and the Jacksons. 5ive had their moments back in the day, ditto Blue and … nope that’s about it – all the other boy bands are rubbish and can’t hold a candle to Blunt.

Hence the only conclusion that I can come to is that because Blunt is so good, so gifted as an artist, he is considered too good to be true.

Mr Blunt, I doff my hat in your general direction. For what it’s worth, I think you rock! I mean come on folks – the guy crowd surfs, not even the great Robbie Williams does that and he’s the coolest man in pop*!

*Note my desperate yet subtle plea to get tickets for the latest Williams gig. (smiles sweetly)

Don’t worry about the naysayers James, you just keep belting out those brilliant tunes.  Oh, you already are … carry on!

Bonfire Heart – James Blunt

Moon Landing, the new album from James Blunt, is out now.


5 thoughts on “Why is James Blunt so unpopular? Editorial comment by Busy Elle Bee

      1. Haha yeah me too! 😀 i think i like almost every song, except “You’re Beautiful”, i don’t like this one because i think it’s too depressing. Oh and i didn’t listen to the new album yet! :O

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