Up-cycling vintage crockery workshop, hosted by Yvonne Ellen (Review)

Upcycled CrockeryHello,

Long time, no hear! I know – but I have been doing loads of interesting stuff which I will blog about in the not too distant future, I promise.  I just wanted to tell you about a great series of workshops including the fabulous Yvonne Ellen workshop, which I attended yesterday.

Maison Triumph, the rather nice under garments store, is hosting a series of workshops for creatives, innovators and creators.  They include, Fashion and textile design lead by Sindiso Khumalo, Perspex design lead by Lili Colley and Up-cycled vintage lead by Yvonne Ellen.

Yvonne Ellen is a vintage up-cycle designer whose wonderful work was recently featured in Etsy. Yvonne kindly and ably taught us newbies how to re-create some of her designs on vintage crockery.  You can see my efforts in the photo above. There are other up-cycled vintage workshops planned, and I am very tempted to go back – but maybe I will give others a chance first!  I warn you however, up-cycling vintage tea cups is very addictive.

Most of the workshops start at 6pm, and are a lovely way to spend a couple of hours learning new crafts and discussing creative business strategies with other liked minded people.  All I can say is, if you are in the area, and you’re in the craft business, you need to attend these workshops. Oh by the way, did I mention that all the workshops are free? Yes F R E E !!!!

I was surprised how quickly I relaxed and how a relatively simple process can produce such beautiful results.  I have a new string to my bow, as well as pressies for my Mum and Granny.  Incidentally, the butterfly sugar bowl in the background is going to be a candle holder with matching saucer for my Mum, and the yellow cup in the foreground is to be filled with handmade chocolates and is going straight to my Gran.  Mother’s Day 2014 sorted!  I even had time in the 2 hours to make a little treat for myself – I let you guess which one of the items above is for me.

The workshops are set to continue until June 2014, I strongly suggest you book your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Check out Maison Triumph’s Facebook page for more information about the free workshops and a rather marvellous competition – Maison Triumph

and check out Yvonne Ellen’s website for more of her brilliant designs – Yvonne Ellen.com

Thanks for reading, see you soon 🙂


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