PrimHack Sewing Hack – From maxi dress to maxi skirt


It’s been a while since I did a sewing hack, and it’s the turn of this strapless dress …

BusyElleBee PrimHack Scarf

… to be transformed into something a bit more interesting.

This is a very simple hack – I loved the print but I’m not so keen on the bodice. Using a seam ripper, I detached the bodice from the waist band.

BusyElleBee PrimHack

I then hand stitched the waistband closed to complete the skirt.

I removed the elastic, from the detached bodice, again using the seam ripper and gave the fabric a quick press. With the right sides facing each other, I machine stitched the raw edges together, to make a perpetual scarf. I left a small gap so I could turn the scarf to the right side and hand stitched the gap left. Here’s a close up.

BusyElleBee PrimHack Scarf

Voila, 1 maxi skirt with matching scarf made from the left over bodice. The entire project took less than 45 mins to complete, and I’m now ready for the warm Spring weather – when it finally arrives!

BusyElleBee PrimHack skirt and scarf