Eurovision 2014 – another waste of 3 and half hours of tv

In what was an altogether dire show, which was poorly scripted and hosted by 3 utterly inept presenters, peppered with the usual dry wit of Graham Norton, who is still no match for the wry Sir Terence of Wogan – there was a ray of bright light, shone by Pollapönk the Icelandic finalists of the Eurovision Song Contest.

OK so the lyrics were not the best, but the message behind the song and performance were spot on. I admit, when I first saw this group arrive on stage I thought ‘Oh no, here we go again”. They sang and my heart was lifted. The tune is catchy (I’m still singing it hours afterwards), the lyric message on point and the whole performance is the best example of what Eurovision should be – fun, exciting, inclusive and above all, celebratory of the different cultures within Europe. I especially loved the mini dance break.

On top of this, Pollapönk once again proved that bow ties are cool. Matt Smith (no 11, Doctor Who) would be proud 🙂

Sadly, it doesn’t reflect reality, but it nice to know that there are people who care about these things and want to celebrate diversity rather than oppress it. Well done Iceland, all is forgiven about the financial crisis, consider yourself fully redeemed.

Stay tuned to find out what I really think about the Eurovision Song Contest and what should be done about it. You may be surprised!