Accessories Design Workshop Hosted by Sarah Eyton – Review

I’m still fuming about the results of Great British Sewing Bee final. I have been slightly comforted by the thought of Chinelo’s fabulously successful workshops, but I’m still fuming!

So I took myself off to the accessories design workshop yesterday afternoon, and was treated to yet another brilliant craft making opportunity. This time I created a bracelet made of felt.  Yes you read that correctly, felt.  Not your thin, low quality felt that you get for a £1 a bag at the pound shop, this is the lovely, luxurious, thick, high quality felt which apparently can no longer be sourced in the UK without great difficulty and considerable expense.

This is such a pity, because as a material, felt offers the crafter a cornucopia of uses, from jewellery, bags, accessories which compared to other fabrics offers durability and is more environmentally friendly to produce.

Sarah is another amazing designer, producing beautiful accessories which may look simple in concept, but belies the delicate detail and superb crafts(w0)manship of her designs. Her bags alone can rival any top designer accessory designer you can think of. As an avid collector of bags, I can see myself purchasing several of Sarah’s creations in the future. (If my bank manager is reading this, I am of course only joking!)

Sarah Eyton Designs - cuffs


Above: Sarah Eyton Designs Cuffs from the Frosted Collection

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Check out Sarah’s website for more information and her lovely shop.

The workshops are increasing in popularity, so if you can go this Easter break, make sure you book early to avoid disappointment. Click here for more information and to book your place.