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Who is Busy Elle Bee?

Busy Elle Bee is a busy little bumble bee, cute as a button, floats like a butterfly with a sting of a bee.  She enjoys many hobbies and interests including, photography, designing, crafts, DIY, sewing, music, gardening, sci-fi, literature and drinking far too many cups of tea for her own good. Oh and she adores FOOD!  (Not too keen on broccoli though!)

What does Busy Elle Bee do?

As a photographer, food stylist, writer and alternative life stylist, Busy Elle Bee loves to share her thoughts and new discoveries with the rest of the world, and this blog is the vehicle to do so. She is also a very keen recipe developer, creating her own original recipes and takes great delight in testing them and blogging the results. She has been known to share her foodie creations with friends and family, especially when she runs out of fridge space. Busy Elle Bee also writes reviews, concentrating on music gigs, single and album releases, music videos, food festivals and the odd cook book. She also likes it when people send her new stuff to read or listen to. (hint, hint!)

When does Busy Elle Bee blog?

As much as possible, sometimes daily but at least on average once a week.

Why the name Busy Elle Bee?

She is extremely industrious, either busy chatting to people, learning something new, sharing her new found wisdom or making something. Her name is Elle and she loves bees, hence Busy Elle Bee.  

How do I contact Busy Elle Bee?

Easy! Please feel free to send an email (busyellebee [at], or use the contact form below. She promises not to sting and to respond within 48 hours (but usually much sooner) 🙂 Please feel free to browse this site and if you have any tips or news to share, drop a line or 2. Thanks for buzzing by. Enjoy!

(Last update: March 2014)


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