Yes a bit of a random title, but after several attempts, several £’s on the old mobile, tears and more tears, I finally managed to secure a place on the much sought after “Introduction to Acting” course at RADA.

I know!

I’m still in shock!

I will remain in shock for some time to come.

But the good news is, I shall be posting a weekly review of my adventures as I fulfil another of my dreams, to learn the basics of the craft of acting.  It should be a lot of fun and I hope for those still trying to get a place on the course in reading this blog, a) not to give up hope and b) to hopefully provide some useful background information if you’re still wondering if this course is right for you.

Any how, as I’m still in shock (you may have gathered that by now), I shall close now, before I wake up and discover it’s all been a dream.

I am awake, right?