Baked and Delicious – magazine review

After much anticipation, I finally managed to get hold of a copy of this magazine, and I have to admit, it is not bad.  I also have to admit, that I was more interested in the free silicone cup cases than the actual magazine.

The first magazine, which is a fortnightly publication, can be purchased at all good newsagents for the sum of 99 new pennies. To get a 28 paged magazine and 6 silicone cups for 99p is, in anyone’s language, a good deal.

The next issue promises a free pastry brush and spatula, but the price of the magazine goes up to £2.99.  Still a good bargain if you happen to need a new brush and spatula.

The 3rd issue comes with a large silicone loaf pan. The 3rd and all subsequent issues cost £4.99.  I am unable to find out how many issues there are in the collection, but like the new knitting magazine I reviewed a few weeks ago, I have reservations.  £5 a fortnight is a lot to spend, when you consider you can buy a good cook book for less than £10. I would recommend this magazine for absolute beginners, who don’t know one end of the cake tin from another. This is solely because by the end of the series, whenever that may be, there promises the notion of a fully kitted out cake decorating and silicone bakeware set.  For the more advanced bakers with well stocked kitchens however, I doubt the extra costs can be justified.

The magazine consists of a good selection of well illustrated recipes, which are easy to follow. The 1st issue includes recipes for iced vanilla cupcakes, Dundee cake, Lebkuchen and bitter chocolate puddings.  There are instructions on how to make choux pastry and how to use silicone bakeware, included with each issue. 

I did find slightly annoying the recipe for the 12 iced vanilla cakes, when only 6 silicone cup cases provided! Hmm!

Pros: The freebies could make the magazines cost-effective for beginner bakers.

Cons: At £5 a fortnight, it may be cheaper to buy a shelf full of cook books and visit a budget cookware shop.

Score: 2.5/5


9 thoughts on “Baked and Delicious – magazine review

  1. Hi Ive only recenlty discovered this magazine and thinking of subscribing. I love baking and think I will use it alot. Are those who expereicned problems still having problems? I agree alot of money but thought in the long run I would get alot out of it ?

    1. Hello Kezza, Thanks for your question. To be honest, if I were you I would check out baking sites on the internet, or visit your library and take out a couple of baking books, rather than subscribe to this magazine. The amount of problems some people have faced, plus the amount of money the subscription costs may not be worth it. How about enrolling on a baking class at your local college?
      Please let us know what you decide to do and how you get on.

      Best 🙂

  2. hi, when i first saw the add and the cost of the book on tv, i fell in love with it, i jumped straight online and made a subscription to the book’s, i have received 3 out of the 60 so far. its been 2 months and i haven’t received another book or an email explaining why, i tried calling the number provided on the book’s for help ( 03 9872 4000) but all day i only got an engaged tone, i then sent an email and got no reply. im looking to cancel my subscription as i cant cope with the stress of calling and emailing every 2 weeks. (i made the subscription 2 1/2 months ago and have only got 3 of the books.)

    1. Hello Tarah,
      Oh my goodness! Is this is awful! Im so sorry to hear of your problems. I’m actually a little angry for your too, you shouldn’t have to be troubled by all this nonsense. I wonder if it would do any good contacting the BBC Watchdog programme or the publishers of the magazine. Please could you kindly keep us posted and let me know if anything changes.

      Thanks and good luck!

  3. Hi, i too was impressed at first by the offers of bakeware, probably because of the colours, however i live near a good outlet cookware shop and feel that with all the supermarkets etc. who sell such items i will not be subscribing. the offer also states 24 pages of recipies but half of these are full page photos, the final deal buster was the possible 60 issues and £300!

    1. Hello Sue, thanks for your comments. Good point you raised about the “24 pages”, the near £300 cost sounds even more unaffordable now. A £300 budget could provide a modest oven, basic bakeware and 2 or 3 good recipe books! I’m going to give the subscription a miss too 😉

  4. Hi Elle,
    I agree, the magazine is rather costly for future issues. I can only justify buying the first two issues (I, like you, was tempted by the wonderful cupcake cases!) but am again swayed by the pretty loaf mould in issue three.

    The cupcakes, however, were absolutely divine! But yes, the recipe calling for twelve cases in contrast with the supplied six irritated me at first too. But in the end, the recipe only just about made six cakes.

    Oh, by the way, according to the website, they plan for 60 issues.

    1. Hello Millie, thanks for your comments. So they are planning 60 issues! At £5 per issue, that’s going to work out at nearly £300! Gosh, you can attend a term of baking classes for that!

      Hope the cup cakes turned out ok afterall 🙂

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