10 questions with Elle

What’s it like being the person behind the Busy Elle Bee social network? Elle takes time out to answer some questions …

1) Tea or Coffee?
Tea, the answer is always tea. We don’t mention the c word here 😀

2) David Tennant (10) or Matt Smith (11)?
Ohh tough one … both! But I love 9 and 12 too 🙂 oh and 4, 5 and 8 🙂

3) Chanel or Dior?
Ugh these are hard – both, but for different reasons! Chanel because the fashion house was started by a woman who challenged the way women were supposed to be dressed, and Dior because the clothes are inspirational works of art.

4) Favourite TV shows?
Doctor Who, Sherlock, anything with David Tennant and anything to do with DIY.

5) Favourite colour?
Don’t have a favourite, I like them all.

6) Pockets or handbag?
Pockets. You can never have too many.

7) Favourite location?
Anywhere with full internet access.

8) Favourite season?
Any that involves bright sunshine and a minimum temp of 30 degrees.

9) French or Italian?
France for clothes, Italy for food and shoes.

10) Finally, what are your plans for Spring?
Err … well you will have to wait and see! OK I’ll give you a few clues …
and a fancy garden shed!

Do you have any questions for Elle? How would you answer these questions? Why not send your questions and answers to Busy Elle Bee. Thanks and see you next time!