Pom-pom decorations at Queen Square Fair, London


I’ve just returned from a busy day decorating a garden square with pom-poms.  Yes you read that correctly.

I was pleased to contribute to the annual Queen Square Fair by way of designing and making these pom pom flowers which helped add to a fun and lively event.

Queen Square Fair pom-pom flower decorations

The decorations were so well received, that they will adorn another fete in Bloomsbury next weekend, so if you missed out today, please visit the Bloomsbury and Holborn Summer Festival on the 12th July.

Queen Square Fair pom-pom flower decorations designed by Busy Elle Bee

If you would like me to post a pom-pom flower making tutorial, you may be able to twist my arm, subject to a few likes (subtle hint).

I can also host fun pom-pom flower making workshops, please message me for further details.

Thanks for reading!




2 thoughts on “Pom-pom decorations at Queen Square Fair, London

  1. Elle, Many thanks for the loan of your wonderful Pom-Poms which looked great in Bloomsbury Square for our event. Some were destroyed by the flash storm we had on the Saturday afternoon but we managed to retrieve most of them.

    Many thanks and I hope you will consider running a workshop for us next year.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Jim,
      First thanks for your lovely reply and yes I would love to run another workshop next year – I’ve already started designing a little something, so please watch this space!

      Second, don’t worry about the damaged Pom-Poms, I’m just glad that they had a second outing and they looked fabulous, especially on the statue 🙂

      Thanks again and best wishes

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