Jewellery Design Workshop hosted by Hayley Kruger

Jewellery Design Workshop

Another day, another workshop, this time learning how to make a statement necklace.  I managed to make 2 pieces in the 2 hour workshop hosted by Hayley Kruger yesterday. The picture shows my second attempt, my first attempt I plan to showcase with my dress in the near future – watch this space!

As ever, the hardest part is getting started – the array of choice in beads and jewels was outstanding, and if I could, I would have happily stayed all night just making jewellery pieces.

The process is remarkably simple, I learnt new techniques in beadwork including linking chains to create necklaces.  Hayley is a remarkable jewellery designer, originally from South Africa, who not only creates collections for major fashion shows, she also teaches her craft at the London School of Jewellery.

A lovely way to spend a Thursday evening, creating statement pieces, which will hopefully drag me from the ubiquitous black urban uniform, into a colourful peacock as we enter the Spring season.

For details of more free creative workshops, check out the Triumph website.


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